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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The stainless steel ropes are a great in making houses
The wire made of stainless steel is mostly used in the balustrade work, fixing tasks, decks and handrails jobs etc. Due to the heavy duty usage the wire needs to be very strong and long so that there is no scope of breakage. The wire are made up of 316 marine grade the quality of wire is very tough and should be strong enough to cope up with harsh conditions prevalent in Australia. The range of Stainless Steel wires differ from 1mm to 12mm diameter, the most commonly available diameter is 3.2mm. The 3.2mm diameter is very easily available in the Shane’s Stainless Steel Store. The wires also have steel strands, the standard strands found in Stainless steel is 7x7, 1x19, and 7x19. These three different strands have three different works and are used at different purpose, the 7x7 strand is partially flexible and are used with the DIY turnbuckle kits, the 7x19 strand is extremely flexible hence it is used with the DIY turnbuckle kit as well but the 1x19 strand is not flexible in fact is it quite stiff and tough, it doesn’t stretch at all hence it is used with the Preswaged wire kits.
Earlier the building industry used bamboos and wooden sheets and rods but now over the period of time Stainless steel wire rope and rods has replaced the bamboos, as they have more longevity and durability. The stainless steel ropes are now extensively used, they look great and costs lesser than the bamboos and one can use them more than once. There are many things that one can do with Stainless steel wire rope that bamboos cannot do.


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