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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Stainless steel metal drilling screws: A Look at Construction Fasteners

 Stainless Steel Countersunk Baten Screws 14Gx100mm Box 250 - Free drive bit included.

Though there are quite a few construction fasteners available in the market, the most popular one is clearly the stainless steel screw. Stainless steel metal drilling screws are popular for several reasons. Their resistance towards corrosion is a property which makes them stand out from the rest. While any other fastener may yield to pressure or temperature fluctuation and give birth to chemical changes during moist conditions, these screws stay indifferent to all the changes in weather. They do not rust and this is one property which makes a highly safe and dependable fastener. 

Another less-discussed point in their favor is that they are environment-friendly. This is the time when the world is very concerned about greenery. So efforts are being made to recycle products and tools. Since stainless steel is a durable alloy and tends to last for several years without undergoing any decay, they can be easily recycled. 

Stainless steel metal drilling screws are also cost-effective. They are affordable to buy in the first place. But more importantly, it is their long-term financial benefits which earn them the brownie points. They offer more years for your investment than any other kind of fastener will do. So, one can surmise that they give you utility for a longer time and with more reliance. 

One major difference between iron-made fastener and stainless steel screw is that while the former develops rust or black stains and easily gets snapped, the latter does not develop any stain or rust and securely holds on for a longer time and with complete certainty. They are heat-proof, water-proof and resistance to chemicals. So they are touted as the best fastener of the current age.


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