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Monday, 2 June 2014

Stainless Steel decking screws – key to hold tight

Screws are used to hold thing together and tightly. This shows the importance and significance of this tiny little object. Look around you, be it your home, office, your vehicle or anything, you will not find a single place which is devoid of screws. Imagine how difficult it would have been for you to fix a frame against the wall or to attach two pieces of woods together, if there were no screws. Invention of screws has certainly made mechanics a lot easier.

Earlier, screws were made of iron, then it was found that iron itself is too heavy to handle, so they looked for something lighter and at the same time more durable. Screws were started to be made out of steel. But, there was a serious drawback to this. Steel made screws started showing signs of falling apart, as they were quickly affected by stain which ultimately resulted in weakening the entire composition. It was now, when stainless steel was used to manufacture screws. 

Stainless steel, as a metal is considered to be much strong and durable compared to normal steel. As the name suggest, “Stainless”, which means stain free, anything which is made of stainless steel will inherit this property and Stainless steel decking screws are no exception. Being stain free, these screws are much more reliable to hold on to its position for years. Besides, they are much more strong and durable. There are varieties of stainless decking screws available in different size and specification, each of which has some kind of a use or the other.


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